About the author

David Penny is the author of the Thomas Berrington series of historical novels set in the last remnants of Moorish Spain. Published at an early age, David is the author of four science-fiction novels which appeared between 1975-79 published by Robert Hale. He has now returned to writing after a break of over 30 years and chosen to pursue an independent publishing route. To hear about new releases and special offers join the mailing list.

The Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries

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The Red Hill

Moorish Spain, 1482. English surgeon Thomas Berrington is asked to investigate a series of brutal murders in the palace of al-Hamra in Granada.

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Breaker of Bones

Summoned to Cordoba to heal a Spanish prince, Thomas Berrington and his companion, the eunuch Jorge, pursue a killer who re-makes his victims with his own crazed logic.

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The Sin Eater

In Granada Helena, the concubine who once shared Thomas Berrington’s bed, is carrying his child, while Thomas tracks a killer exacting revenge on evil men.

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The Incubus

A mysterious killer stalks the alleys of Ronda. Thomas Berrington, Jorge and Lubna race to identify the culprit before more victims have their breath stolen.

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The Inquisitor

In a Sevilla on the edge of chaos death stalks the streets. Thomas Berrington and his companions tread a dangerous path between the Inquisition, the royal palace, and a killer.

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The Fortunate Dead

As a Spanish army gathers outside the walls of Malaga, Thomas Berrington hunts down a killer who threatens more than just strangers.

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The Promise of Pain

When revenge is not enough. Thomas Berrington flees to the high mountains, only to be drawn back by those he left behind.

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The Message of Blood

When Thomas Berrington is sent to Cordoba on the orders of a man he hates he welcomes the distraction of a murder, but is shocked when the evidence points to the killer being his companion.

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A Tear for the Dead

As the reign of Moorish Granada draws to a close, dark forces gather to carve a new Spain. Can Thomas Berrington overcome the plot to destroy not just one civilisation, but two?

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A Death of Innocence

A Thomas Berrington Prequel

When 13 years old Thomas Berrington is accused of murder he must enlist the help of pretty Bel Brickenden to prove his innocence. And then another kind of death comes to Lemster.

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The Thomas Berrington Box Sets

The Thomas Berrington Mysteries Books 1-3

The first three books in the Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries.

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The Thomas Berrington Mysteries Books 4-6

Books four to six in the Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries.

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The Thomas Berrington Mysteries Books 7-9

Books seven to nine in the Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries.

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The Thomas Berrington Tudor Mysteries

Join Thomas and, his family and friends as they return to the England of Henry VII when Catherine of Aragon marries Prince Arthur Tudor.

Men of Bone

Tudor England, 1501, and Thomas Berrington finds trouble when he sets foor on English soil.

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A Death of Promise

Building a new life in a new land, Thomas, his family and friends, must deal with an old adversary.

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