IndieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop


I’m honoured to be invited to take part in this year’s IndieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop. Both of my books in the Thomas Berrington series are fortunate enough to have been awarded an IndieBRAG Medallion.

My own contribution will appear here on December 6th.

Author: David Penny

3 thoughts on “IndieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop

  1. What a wonderful story David-
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us and being so supportive of our efforts at indieBRAG.We wish you the very Merriest of christmas’ and a wonderful New Year where we hope we can bring more attention to your amazing books!

  2. Wales is the wild west of England, or, at least that’s how this American colonist has always thought of that rugged country. Love that setting, and thanks for bringing it so alive in your blog. Great tale. How about a photo of that flattened penny? :-)

    1. :) Don’t let the Welsh hear you say that!

      And funny you should mention the penny. When I wrote this I wondered if I still had any and turned out all the drawers searching – but no luck. I know I used to keep them, but I guess over the years they’ve disappeared, along with my hair.

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