An Imperfect Future

With the 9th Thomas Berrington book now published I am catching my breath before diving back into his next adventure, which will be set in England as Catherine of Aragon arrives to marry Prince Arthur. While that percolates in the back of my brain I have started a new series.

An Imperfect Future is a bit of a departure, and may not appeal to all my current readers, but might attract some different ones. It’s pitched as a World War 2 Paranormal Spy Thriller. The book is currently halfway through a first draft and going quickly. I’m planning on releasing it sometime early next year before starting work on Thomas Berrington 10.

The book is set in 1944 after the Normandy landings and features a small group of individuals recruited because they exhibit unusual talents that the authories believe may make them useful to the war effort. The main character is Calum Auger, who can see 1o seconds into the future. Not particularly impressive, until he finds himself as the bomb-aimer in a Lancaster on its 48th mission. Calum’s crew likes to fly with him, because he always knows where the flak is going to explode. Except nobody mentions his strange ability.

With the creation of Unit-13, Calum is recruited, together with others, and their training begins. Before they are able to fully come to terms with what they are their expertise is needed. Tracking down stolen documents that might yet save Nazi Germany from defeat, the group race through France to stop their adversaries handing over the secrets they stole.

Author: David Penny

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