Breaker of Bones: Jorge and Esperanza

WARNING: This scene contains, as they say on TV, scenes of a sexual nature.
This was meant to be included in Breaker of Bones but in the end didn’t really fit anywhere. I like it because it reveals a little more of Jorge’s nature, and also his feelings about his eunuch state. It also shows some of the attributes he possesses that are only hinted at elsewhere.

jorge-esperanzaEsperanza, Duquessa of Carmona, lay slack-limbed beside Jorge on the wide four-poster bed. They were both naked, but only one of them was awake. She stretched, arching her back, and thought back to Jorge washing her in the deep bath one of the servants had found and filled with hot water. They had both know what they wanted, but Jorge had refused her until she bathed. At first reluctant, Esperanza changed her mind when Jorge offered to share the bath with her.

“I haven’t bathed in over a week,” he had said.

“A week? I haven’t bathed in a year.”

“I had noticed, my sweet, which is why I insist you do so now.”

“Bathing is bad for the skin.” Despite her words she allowed Jorge to untie the tight bindings along the back of her dress. The undressing would take some time. Many layers of clothing. Many ties. But neither of them minded. The slow reveal was part of the magic. When she saw him naked it almost took her breath away. She had never seen a man so beautiful in all her life, and Esperanza had seen many men naked.

Now, awake in bed, reluctant to disturb her sleeping lover she examined him, wriggling down the bed and taking his slack prick between her fingers. She was fascinated by the area of smooth skin between his thighs where once his balls had hung. When she had asked him about it he told her, unabashed, about how his friend Thomas had unmanned him.

“Weren’t you angry?”

He laughed, and told her his tale of a starving ruffian, and how being made into a eunuch had almost certainly saved his life. She felt him grow beneath her touch and released her hold, not yet ready to waken him; but she did slide closer and watch as of its own accord his manhood thickened and stiffened, fascinated as she had been in the bath at how he could get so hard. All she knew of eunuchs was the mythology and whisperings. She was pleased to discover almost all of it was myth. Esperanza wanted him again but held herself in check, her skin tingling at the promised pleasure that would eventually come.

This man had been impossible to resist.

She allowed her eyes to roam freely, not just enjoying his private parts but the rest of him as well. The smoothness of his skin, the slimness of his waist. His legs were long and finely shaped, his shoulders wide. The stubbled hair on his head was growing out dark, as was his beard. His body, once maintained completely hairless in the harem was also showing a faint shadow on his chest, beneath his arms and around his groin. She stared at his face. In sleep he had lost the frown crease that had lain between his brows and his face was that of a boy. She wanted to kiss him but didn’t, instead satisfying herself with pretend kisses as she kneeled over him. Her hair, untied and long, fell in a black shroud around his face.

Resistance was impossible, the time had come. Esperanza straddled him and reached down. Yes—he was fully hard now. She impaled herself on him in one swift motion, her own sex slicked and welcoming.

She felt Jorge move beneath her, and he said, “What took you so long?”

Before she could reply his mouth covered hers, and any words she spoke entered into him and were lost.

Author: David Penny